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Originally Posted by troutmanbrook View Post
I cant wait to see some of the videos now that you got your gopro. let me know if you want to get rid of your old camera.
I plan on using it for perspective shots as a secondary camera. You could probably find an Olympus Tough on Ebay fairly cheap now. It has been a decent camera and held up well to my abuses. I have lost many of the labeling and added some scratches; but, it has held up.

Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
After only watching the videos on YouTube at Low Res, I was amazed how clear it was on a big screen in high def. I tried it 2 times now fishing. Makes your rod look bent from lens distortion, but besides that is really cool. I just wish I knew how to edit all this footage It will eat up some hard drive space also. I'm already at 80 Gigs
I run separate HDDs for my videos and I have a 2TB dedicated to it. I also have a 320gb drive I use for editing and temp storage. I plan on setting up a RAID Controller to make my editing more efficient and to speed up the process. I have been using a program called AVS Video Editor and it seems to be pretty efficient in most videos.

I building some new GoPro mounts for my boom, underwater rigs, and boat mounts. Basically; adapting the old screw mounts to the GoPro Slide Mount.
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