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Originally Posted by Hoosier View Post
Sounds like I am heading to Denver in May for work. I am considering flying out a day or two early and wondered if anyone had any suggestions that woud get me pointed in the right direction. I do not know anything about the area (first time there) but I think I would like to do some small stream fishing similar to what we like about the Smoky's. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Probably will be out of luck for blueline fishing in May. Most people don't start fishing the remote water out there until late June or early July. However, you may be able to hit up one of the world class tailwaters in the area. Depends on the snow pack and timing of the runoff. I have fished out there in late April before, and I always seem to hit it a couple weeks before the heavy flows arrive. So, May could be hit or miss.

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