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I concur with Knothead in using my dog - Dodger's fur. It is short and it chops and blends well with other dubbing.

The best wing material I have ever found is a Subway Sandwich Bag. One bag will last you years. Also; you can use a pencil and rub against it along a piece of wood to give it veins. Just cut a rectangular piece and slightly pull it apart until it stretches without breaking. Then; trim and tie in.

One of the neatest flies I found recently was a small alligator clip with a hook snaked through it. It was in a tackle box I found. It actually looked pretty enticing.

Then there are the bottle cap and rubberband lures the old guys use to make back in the days.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
I'm supposing dog hair doesn't naturally float.
Corbo, if you want it to float; put it in a baggy with a few drops of Rainex and mix well.
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