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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I will keep any eye out for them. At-least you had your name on the Orvis Box. Did you have a number on it as well?
im pretty sure it had my name and email on it, I can just see some old man looking at it "whats a troutmanbrook(at)"

These boxes were not lost at one time, so I have had time to replenish my new boxes. but, it seems as soon as I will get a new box filled up, that's when I lose them. I was mainly posting to see if anyone has found any of these in the past few months.

Now I have my boxes actually leashed onto me, lol. Thanks Cliff.

Thankfully for the most part, it seems that my midge boxes are the only ones that are running away(they are the most used).

Thank you all for offering to help. I tie everyday, and have bought new boxes and have them pretty well re-stocked, as most of my midge ties are under 3 mins a piece. If I would have had the same offers last month, I would have jumped all over it.

Thanks again for offers of donations, you all seem like a pretty good bunch!
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