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I'm with ifish as well and mostly fish TFO because it fits my budget and does what I need it to do. Just FYI but some of those BPS rods are not all that bad. Can't remember which ones but a buddy loved fishing his and he has other high end rods as well. It seems you are looking for an "upgrade" and that doesn't necessarily come with a higher price rod. Winston and Sage are both great rods if you want to spend the money on them. Get out and cast as many as you can. Check out LRO if you haven't already. They have a great selection of top end 4wts.

I really like 4wts. and actually have four of them so far. Three are TFO and one is an Orvis Superfine. As far as a faster rod, that isn't my thing but you might want to try out a TFO Ticr or Ticrx as both are actually pretty close to 5wts in reality. I use my 8'9" Finesse in the mountains and like it a lot. However it is a much softer rod closer to the classic Sage LL.

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