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Surfdog I have and use several different 4 wgt rods. Before you buy anything I would recommend you cast as many different ones as you can. If you are not concerned with price and can afford a high end rod the choices are numerous. For a small stream or medium stream rod with small dry flies the Winston Tom Morgan favorite is a top choice. But is kind of specialized in my opinion. For a general 4 wgt that will do almost anything the Hardy Zenith 9 ft makes a great rod. It is delicate enough but will cast any reasonable fly. The Winston BIIIx in a 8 1/2 ft if also a great rod especially for dry flies and is more delicate then the Hardy. The Winston Passport is close to the BIIIx and sells for a fraction of the price. If price is a concern this one sells for about $199.00. You mentioned Cabelas and they stock this rod. While I don't own one I have used one and think the Sage ZXL in 4 wgt. is a great rod. Get out to several different fly shops and don't be afraid to cast these rods. Don't rush. After all anticipation and planning is half the fun!
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