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I personally do not think that the jet boats will have any adverse affect on the fishing in the French Broad. Will they noisy and an eye soar, well yes, but what affect can they have on the fish? We also must keep in mind we are talking about a relatively small stretch of river when compared to leangth of the river overall. Everyone wants to bash the tourists, but touists feed my, and a thousand other peoples families. Tourists keep hotels, resteraunts, gas stations, and a million other bussines' busy, not to mention Little River Outfitters. No tourists, no LRO. As for whoever said "all the good holes" in Greenbriar were taken by swimmers and dog fetchers, I have a hard time believeing that. Sure the bottom 4 big holes, which are less than 800 yards into the park, are known swimming holes and popular with locals and tourists in the summer. Heaven forbid you have to drive 2 more miles up the road to fish. 600,000 acres, 1000 miles of stream, there is room for everyone.
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