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Originally Posted by Wilson10 View Post
I've been thinking about starting a blog primarily for photos. Where do I start? What are the best services?

Thanks in advance for your input.
I like and use Tumblr now, it is very easy, there is a little customization, and no maintenance required.

I had a WordPress blog which I hosted on my own Windows Home Server. I gave that up after several disastrous version upgrades. To be fair, the problems were due to my need to apply upgrades when available instead of just letting the server run. I install and upgrade software for a living though, so doing that on my Blog seemed too much like work. WordPress also hosts (maintenance free) on their servers so that is an option, but after putting a lot of work into addons/settings/customization I decided to use something simpler.

Nice features on Tumblr for me include an Android app for posting on the go, and linking to your Facebook profile so your blog posts show up on your Facebook wall as well.
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