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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
**** Gary, just trying to make the point that there are serious issues facing many of our rivers, and Madison usually is quick to point those out. Pollution being a huge one he usually discusses, and rightly so.

I also work in health care, and also am busy just like the majority of folks in this country. However, it is all about taking the time to let your voice be heard. Griping about things on a forum won't change anything, but sending letters, sending emails, making phone calls, and reaching out to the local commissioners or elected officials can have a major impact. Every person has the time to send a letter or make a phone call.

I hate the thought of another tourist attraction as well, but when dealing with these resources you have to rank the threats by which ones could have the most serious impacts to the resource, and which are the most imminent threats.

My point is that sure a bunch of tourists buzzing up and down the river sucks, and sucks bad, but it isn't the end of the world. And it certainly won't destroy the fishery. The things which should make fisherman sit up and pay attention, get no discussion and when someone brings it up, everyone gets their panties in a wad.

So what threatens the future of the fishery on the French Broad? Over fishing, check. Pollution from numerous sources in Sevierville, check. Jet boats running the river, not so much IMO. If the first 2 are removed then focus on the tourist issue is all I am saying.
I agree with this idea. Also; I think it is good to discuss and debate topics in an honorable way. There have been many good posts on this forum that have educated me and helped me change my stance or make a better educated stance on a topic. We just have to remember we all share the passion for fly fishing and we are more effective as a group than as an individual.
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