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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I would like to use one; but, I am extremely hard on hand nets. I just lost my last net at the S. Holston in February. I usually go through 2-3 a year. I am a bit tight on discretionary spending at the moment. I do plan on getting a economy ghost net before the fishing gets heavy.

Shawn, check out the rubber nets from Cabelas, I got one of the boat nets from that and I love it. 69 bucks and it's wooden and enough net to hold about anything really. The new Brodin nets look pretty nice as well, and seem to be less expiencive then their wooden net line.

Nice fish on the streamer man, I must say I am hooked on streamer fishing, something about not knowing what you're going to catch and how big it will be gets my blood flowing. I like to see the follows as well. Fun times for sure, and it looks like that's going to hae to be our style for awhile with TVA running water around the clock
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