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Originally Posted by Rodonthefly View Post
Shawn, check out the rubber nets from Cabelas, I got one of the boat nets from that and I love it. 69 bucks and it's wooden and enough net to hold about anything really. The new Brodin nets look pretty nice as well, and seem to be less expiencive then their wooden net line.....
Thanks Rod for the information! I need a better boat net. I usually just use my hand net and it gets beat up pretty bad from the boat use.

Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
wanted to add this. This is how the kayak guys are mounting their go-pro cameras. to give you some ideas
I appreciate the link on the mounts. Fortunately; I have plenty of GoPro Mounts and I made an adapter for all of my traditional mounts so that I do not have to build all new tripods, bipods, and jibs. Here is my latest jib for catching footage from the boat.
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