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Seems to me it is just above Boone Lake and I bet these Stripers are looking for drop down trout to eat! In one video I see a vehicle moving on the far bank so this must be a spot easily found.

The video is June so I wonder why the stripers would want to be there other than the opportunity of an easy meal.

I "know" a guy on another forum who fly fishes that area and will see if he knows anything about this.

Now as to the tailwaters.... I can tie some pretty decent 10 inch flies on 3/0 and 4/0 hooks that will imitate the local forage pretty well. I'm told the Stripers eat well below Loudon when generating early in the summer mornings.... we would need sinking lines I think.

I've sold both my jet boats but have 16 foot fisher that could get us there if anyone is interested.

Check this fly fishing video of TN stripers
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