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Every time we buy fishing gear federal taxes exist on the products... we pay for these fish.
Corbo is correct. He is referring to the Wallop-Breaux Act which provides for a special tax on fishing tackle and related items. As a custom rodbuilder, I am required to collect a tax on each rod I build and pay the IRS. The money is then given to the USF&WS. Then, the money is distributed to the states in accordance to the number of fishing licenses sold.
Hunters also pay a tax on guns, ammo, archery, etc. as provided under the Pittman-Robertson Act. You can google these acts to see what they are.
Hunters and anglers are the only groups of people who actually asked to be taxed to keep their respective sports going.
When you get into general funds going for hunting and fishing, you are opening the door for the Anti's to stop our sports or redirect the money to other government programs. Believe me, they are out there!
John Torchick
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