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JoeFred and stana Claus--You were right and trying the smaller file worked. Thanks. The map is very nice. I do have three decidedly minor points to mention.
1. There is a graveyard (Wiggins) high up on Hammer Branch which you don't show (possibly blacked out by inserts). It only contains three graves
2. While I have seen and caught trout in Hammer Branch, Juneywhank Branch, and Bumgardener Branch, all are tiny rivulets of no interest to the angler at all (and you have fish far too far up Hammer Branch).
3. There are rainbows and browns all the way to the base of the falls on Indian Creek. You appear to have them only part of the way (of course we are only talking about 300 yards or so).
Good job, as usual.
Jim Casada
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