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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
JoeFred and stana Claus--You were right and trying the smaller file worked. Thanks. The map is very nice. I do have three decidedly minor points to mention.
1. There is a graveyard (Wiggins) high up on Hammer Branch which you don't show (possibly blacked out by inserts). It only contains three graves
Thanks, Jim. I'll look at Nos 2 & 3 tomorrow, but regarding No. 1, I saw Wiggins was missing from the quad when you brought it to my attention in December. I have provided a barebones quad overlay PDF Smokies Lower Deep Creek Portion of Bryson City USGS Quadrangle version (5 MB) of the map. In that other quads (notably Gatlinburg) have been updated/corrected by USGS and/or TVA more recently than 1961, a case may be made by you to request an agency for the same for the Bryson City one. Others such as your brother Don are far more knowledgeable in those type matters than I. It is probably not related, but I did notice there is a Wiggins-Watson Cem near Tom Branch. It would be interesting to hear what you know about it. I'm guessing it does not consist of the lone plot of someone with a compound last name so popular nowadays. Case in point, star New England running back BenJarvus Jeremy Green-Ellis, aka The Law Firm.

Originally Posted by pmike View Post
First off, great job on the map, it looks incredible! Are these available for purchase by download and if so, can they be printed? If printable, what kind of "paper" would work with most bubblejet printers?
Thanks, Mike, I have sold PDFs as downloads in the past, but now that they are now about 10 MB each and the number of them will soon be over 40, I would need to assess the possibility of sets of maps being available on CD or USB drives. The price of such would have to be pretty steep, if for no other reason than to discourage counterfeiters and the headaches form such that would come this ol boy's way. So... we'll see.

The maps can be printed on regular 11x17 24# or heavier paper, but for the best results on any media would be high res laser printers. I elected to make the map linked in this post printable so you may experiment with your printer. The background topo (150 ppi) will be much less crisp than the 300 ppi we use on the products. To judge the quality of the scaleable overlays look at the coordinate values, scale, logo, etc.

If you would like, I will e-mail you info on available water resistant papers.
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