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Fred--The Wiggins-Watson Cemetery is a different one. It is quite large and is located just off the gravel road which leads from the bridge adjacent to the lower trailhead parking area on Deep Creek over to Galbreath Creek. It is indeed situated in the Toms Branch drainage.There is actually a very detailed guide (although it isn't complete, omitting a cemetery or two on Noland Creek, for example) known as "The Cemeteries of Swain County." I always mention cemeteries because I often make a point of taking a side trip to visit them while fishing. They give a good reason to pause and ponder the hardscrabble lives of folks who once lived in what is now the Park.
Strangely enough, when I've asked folks at the Luftee Visitor Center about cemeteries in that area they invariably know next to nothing. I know the locations and most of the details about them and do it as sort of a test. It seems to me that they should know more, or at least that should be the case for the ones who aren't volunteers. I wonder what sort of answer fishing questions would get?
Jim Casada
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