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Originally Posted by TN Jed View Post
Thanks for the tips! I’m curious….why do you suggest using a heavy charge at 10-15 amps? I use a slow charge for my deep-cycle battery when I get back and use the same 2 amp charge prior to going back out again.
Jed, I think it is key to get a deep cycle battery back up to charge quickly to avoid sulfation and this time frame suits most user's desires of charging in 6-12 hours. The key idea behind the heavy amps is to facilitate a quick and consistent charge for the thicker DC Plates in the bulk and absorption stages. Many people will wait several days or do not like having a battery charging for several days.

I use following digital charger for my deep cycle batteries and it automatically adjusts the voltage & amps to meet the four stages of charging (bulk, absorption, equalizing, float-maintain). It works very well and I can get my battery back up to storage overnight. I usually get about 2 years out of my batteries with around 100-120 charges.

Charging with 2 amps works well if you have the time to let it facilitate.
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