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Default Mr. Casada?

Regarding your observations,

"Strangely enough, when I've asked folks at the Luftee Visitor Center about cemeteries in that area they invariably know next to nothing. I know the locations and most of the details about them and do it as sort of a test. It seems to me that they should know more, or at least that should be the case for the ones who aren't volunteers. I wonder what sort of answer fishing questions would get?"

I am seriously wondering how much important information we stand to lose with each generation that passes. Seems to me that the "Park" service would have a serious interest in documenting much if not all of the information folks like yourself and your contemporaries have to offer. Are you familair with any compilations of information regarding families, their history in the region, homesites, and cemetaries? I realize some individual familes have books specific to themselves, but I guess what I am asking is if there are any records with much combined and specific information such as detailed books on the history of the region? Perhaps even a catalog of various writings that would list and organize sources for such information would be useful...does the park service have a historian that might have an interest in such things

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