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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Shawn; I've owned a few minn kota electrics and well it seems nothing holds up very well in a river... when the motor stops and the boat keeps going it's a bad situation.... stuff gets destroyed.

The picture of the inside motor housing is interesting; is that a cracked magnate under the jacket of the motor and can you really glue them back together? Sorta looks like the inside of a Mercury outboard starter...

On my Trackers I threw out the trolling motors and installed an electric anchor system and figured this was a better use of the deep cycle system wiring and the best means to pull anchor safely while storing the line outta the way. A friend of mine got pulled out of his boat on the Deleware several years ago while pulling anchor line against the current; lucky he didn't get killed.

An electric anchor mounts easily on the bow and uses the same 12 volts so you might check into it.

I am surprised that an electric motor would get you around okay on the Clinch and wonder if you launch and land at the same place or drift to a lower ramp and use the motor to push through the slow spots?

Awesome topic, advice and info!
I use a trolling motor 90% of the time on the Clinch. To clarify; it works well in navigating the shoals and the water during non generation. The motor I have is a 45# trolling motor. I can go upstream on one-generator; but, it is at a snails pace and not something I do...

My future boat designs will be built around an electric propulsion system. The motor will have the ability to steer 360 Degrees and move upstream efficiently on most tail-waters. Also; it will have to ability to follow way-points, gps for position maintenance, automatic retrieve for wading, etc. They will have oar locks as well for those who enjoy rowing.

I will not build the motor as it would not be cost effective and it would be out of my expertise. However; I am building a few motors for kayaks and smaller boats. I have a nice 1/2 hp electric motor to test right now.

*Oh, yes the housing is a standard motor housing with two-alternate magnets. My brother accidentally broke one of these magnets by trying to fix the bent trolling motor shaft with a few hits to the motor housing. The magnets are super strong and very difficult to position back in the housing. So; you will need a few 1" c-clamps and some quick set epoxy. It works very well. You can leave the magnet out and it will still work with diminished capacity. Remember to sand the inside in for any glue obtrusion and to make sure the magnets are seated correctly. The most important thing is to install the housing the way it was originally. If you install it upside down; the motor will work in reverse.
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