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Hi Surfdog,

I was reminded about Rule #2 after reading your post yesterday, "Listen to your Customers". I started working on a new category today on our online catalog called Rod, Reel and Fly Line Outfits. Right now it is under the "Rods" category and under construction. It will probably show up under the Reel category too. I may make it a "Primary Category". There is just one outfit in different weights on there now but you will see many choices soon, over the next few days. The next time a customer calls about fly fishing outfits, our staff will have many choices and options. Mail order customers will have the same choices. You would think after 18 years in this business I would have addressed that opportunity.

Thank you for your input. I really appreciate you pointing out a customer service opportunity even though I don't think you knew you were doing it. If I can help you let me know. I owe you on this one.

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