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Hereís a link: scroll through and I think youíll get the ideaÖ.TVA doesnít want to open the spill gates or sluice, unless itís necessary. Do I believe everything TVA says? Nope. However I can believe this one, and hereís why. They donít make any money by spilling. I know theyíre a quasi-government entity, but if the water isnít going through the turbines, they donít generate power, which means they donít generate money. Given the wet winter weíve had (especially the Norris watershed), Iíll give TVA the benefit of the doubt this time. Iím in the same boat as yíall (no pun intended), I wish the water conditions would improve. I was planning to take the boat out this weekend and get my fiancť to oar, but the forecast isnít looking good.
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