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A couple of comments:
  • The water is GRADUALLY getting less acidic based on the results of the stream sampling that I heard at the February 2011 kick-off meeting (didn't get to go this year so I haven't heard an update to that). The change has not been so drastic that it would significantly improve the fisheries yet.
  • No evidence of more calcium in the water that I'm aware of - the only streams with significant calcium content are those running through Cades Cove; most other streams just aren't exposed to calcium-rich bedrock.
  • My guess is that your third question is closer to the truth. The drought years affected the numbers and health of the fish for a couple of years but there's a good chance that what we're seeing is those populations finally rebounding after a couple of really good, wet years.
  • As for fishing pressure, I feel just as much pressure to go fish as I always have - just can't seem to find the opportunities I used to. But that's probably not what you were asking.
  • What goes around comes around - again, I think what's coming back around is the rebound from two very, very lean years.
  • Like the acidity question, I think the reforrestation is something that is very gradual and from year to year, we probably will not notice the impacts. Possibly from decade to decade if we can (i.e., I can) remember that long.
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