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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
I would love to think that tonight there were 189 NEWBIES hoping to learn a few tips from the 20 of us who THEY think know everything about trout and fly fishing... when the truth is that we spend a lifetime trying to figure this whole thing out...

So I guess I'm honored that so many "guests" come here to read Byron's fishing report and gain a little entertainment from reading whatever thoughts the active members post.

Perhaps there ought to be a "newbie" sub-forum where some of the shy lurker newbies can post their questions as members without fear of reproach?

Just a few thoughts I felt like sharing... I'm certain nobody will bite the head off of somebody who wants to stop lurking and join in the conversation.

I think you touched on it a bit... it IS a form of entertainment IMHO. You can read the reports, jokes, banter and look at fish pics from others who are able to make it out on the river when you can not. I don't think that it is necessarily all "newbies". I have been reading this forum for a couple years before joining but have been fly fishing for over ten years now. Only within the last year though have I started fishing the park and now "feel" involved enough to join and contribute... just my $.02

Originally Posted by silvercreek View Post
I'm not sure what counts as a guest or lurker. Most of the time I read the forum without logging in. Maybe that counts as a guest. I suspect others do the same.
I think this is also a valid point... I only log in when I want to leave a reply to a thread. Maybe 80% of the time I just review recent activity as a "guest". However, I now read the fishing report religiously every morning regardless if I'm on my way to fish the park or not as I appreciate the time and effort that Byron puts into making this report every morning for all the anglers out there. He can also be fairly entertaining as well...

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