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So I posted that from work this morning, I have been working my tail off here lately. With a lot on my mind this week, I needed some time to clear my head. The Clinch is blown out. I haven't fished much at all in the park. Just a trip or two a year max. When I got to work this morning, I asked my boss what all was on the table. We talked for a few before I mentioned I wouldn't mind taking half a day to clear my mind, he told me he understood to go ahead. I managed to make it until 11:30.

I had to run back home to grab my gear and let the dog out, I rolled into LRO shortly after 12:30, I talked to Daniel and got the skinny on what was going on. I proceeded to pay my dues by buying a dozen flys and some leaders. I spoke to Shawn and his brother, and off to the river I went. I got to where I wanted to fish, got rigged up and off I went. Having not been in the water not 10 minutes, I noticed these big flys coming off. What could it be? Quillgordons of course! I caught a 7 inche brown right off the bat. I worked my way on up the river, to run into a rain shower of quillgordons. The trout were going nuts over these things, I managed to catch a few average fish "8-10 inches". I kept seeing a really nice one rise ever some often. I softly said to my self " I'm going to catch his a$$ before I move". After four or five drifts over him I watch my quillgordon come to a stop and swiftly move up stream and go under. ( I forgot to add I was fishing a quillgordon wet fly behind my dry), anyhow I set the hook seen the flash and said oh boy it's on! After a short fight and a couple of runs, I landed a nice 16 inche brown. Which I think is my biggest fish to date in the park.
I ended the day with a couple more misses, a hook up which ended in a LDR. All and all one of my best days in the park! Fishing report has been spot on, and I only see it getting better!
What a great day to clear my mind, and do some soul searching! Get out there while it's on fire!
Tight lines y'all this tail water boy might just turn in to a rock hopper after all
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