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Originally Posted by TN Jed View Post
I stand corrected. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know that much about the history of the Clinch, but after reading Mike Bone’s blog entry this morning, it was an eye opener. Here’s the link: We’ve had a wet winter this year, and last year as well. I figured that was the main culprit behind the spilling. Apparently, the target winter pool that TVA attempts to maintain has a larger role than I realized. In the past TVA maintained a winter pool of 980, now the mark is 1000 feet. I’m an engineer, so I can dig numbers. 20 feet multiplied by the surface area of Norris Lake is a huge volume… wonder they’re spilling more often. Anyway, take a look at Mike’s blog, he gives a much more detailed account and it’s well worth a look.
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