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My flies are all tied up. I think my fly is a perfect example of a "guide fly". I will be throwing in a few more flies for each of you swappers, because all 24 of these flies were tied in under 30 minutes. The recipe is as follows. does hook and thread count as a material?

This fly is super simple to tie, just dress hook, attach chenille at back wrap back up to hook eye, bring chenille forward tie off, and finish.

on the clinch, I have had much success with this simple little fly. My most successful method of fishing this fly is dead drifting under an indicator. I usually use this in a dropper rig, with the scud as my lead fly (bottom) with a heavier fly on top (or some splitshot). There should be a little over a foot between your top fly, or splitshot, and the scud. This allows the scud to achieve some great lifelike movements.

san juan scud
Hook: TMC 3761 size 18 (or any size 18 hook)
Thread: I used UTC 70 RustyBrown, but Orange (morning low light), or light
blue (bright sunny) are good too.
Body: ultra chenille tan

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