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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
I hate to side with a govt agency, but in this case it should be obvious why they are pouring water through norris right now. I think the lake came up around 5 feet in a couple of days bringing it dangerously close to summer pool 3 months ahead of schedule, and at the start of the wet season.

TVA has zero choice, and never was able to get the lake down to winter pool because of the heavy rainfall over the winter.

This is reality, and having been around the Clinch fishery for decades now, prepares me for these events. They rarely have any negative impact on the fishery, and the times they do are when these events come in May/June.

Fisherman are the only ones affected by this, there is plenty of slack water, and holding water right now, and you could probably even wade fish the edges of many fields right now as the water is probably pushed out in most if not all of them.
I tried drifting and fishing spilling+2 generators several times last year and I did not even see a fish. Any tips or pointers? I worked the inside bends and pulled the banks pretty hard. I even used some huge flies. It was insane how much energy was in the water. I watched my fly sink and rise by itself several times.

I agree that this will be the new norm for winter and spring since they raised the winter pool level. The operating guide is useless if you use the years previous to this change. One negative I am noticing is heavy erosion on the banks in many areas. I expect to see many new trees parked in the river this summer.
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