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Default 3/06/12 Trip (Pic Heavy)

Tuesday was the most fun I have had on the stream in months. The early Spring weather had the fish very active. I caught a lot of fish and actually lost count later in the day. All fish were pretty small, but what a blast it was catching all of them. Later in the day, the dry action really picked up, I fished a dry/dropper all day.

I will let the pictures do most of the talking....

First hole of the day, first cast caught this little rainbow.

The day started off catching a bunch of these little guys.

This beautiful little hole gave me 6 fish. That tree limb was a pain in the rear end to fish over.

A little bigger hole, a little bigger fish.

Possible Bigfoot tracks.

Fishing on and looking over my shoulder for Bigfoot.

The first 3 casts into this hole gave me 3 fish.

What I now know are coyote tracks.

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