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Thank you Santa!

That was written a long time ago and I think it is time for all the tailwater folks to re-write how the river is managed....

Not to brag.... but I'm a bit of an expert on these matters.

Every two years TVA must complete and submit a recreational plan to FERC, it's called, "Form 80" and it is a "process".

To participate in "The process" you must get "status" and to have status you must petition for it as a "stake holder" in how the river is operated. It is important to have a "constituency" like a pile of TU members who write a Statement that they wish to have status.

The Form 80 process "traditionally" has focused on revreational improvements that licensees make or maintain on the project impoundment... I have sucessfully changed FLOWS and have been granted recreational improvements to the recreational values BELOW dams.

Typically the State (Here that would be TWRA) "participates" by rubber stamping whatever TVA wants/aggrees/ or feels like doing.... same with most of the sub-departments from INTERIOR & COMMERCE. So you need to be heard and provide data supporting your argument.

Now; in the case of the Clinch.... TVA is supposed to perform studies concerning the recreational use of their impoundment AND TAILWATER... this is often described in terms of "angler days or angler hours" when it comes to fishing. The data suggests and the TWRA biologist confirm that this has long been a favorite tailwater fisher with sustainable year around opportunities EXCEPT that the flows suck!

So they need to dump water, generate or whatever... like I care! Do it at night!

I could do this for you guys & any river you want to change the flow regime, minimum flow etc. Heck, would you like more PUBLIC ACCESS?

It is entirely likely we could MAKE TVA buy riverfront for parking and access.... I have done this many times.

If you don't ask, don't demand and don't stand up you don't get ****.

Sorry for the loooong diatribe; I know so many of you are frustrated... but WE can re-write how things are traditionally done. I've taken on the hydro power industry before and I'm not afraid of the TVA, TWRA or FERC..... they on the other hand ought be afraid of US..... it's the PEOPLES RIVER, NOT THEIR RIVER.... CLAIM IT!
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