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Thanks for the invite Corbo and I will take you up on that sooner than later. I've only fished the Nance's Ferry area there and use my pontoon boat.
You and I and a friend (who had a broken arm on one side and a broken shoulder on the other) of mine would make quite a trio fishing if we got together at the same time. I've also had a knee replacement and my right big toe fused and have metatarsal problems with both of my feet. If you don't mind telling me , who's your orthopedic surgeon?
Don't feel alone when it comes to falling. Some people look at me as if they think I've been drinking when I stumble around. Shawn and his brother once helped get me out of the water below the Weir and I've been helped by scores of fishermen getting my boat loaded or carrying some of the gear. I've been really blessed to meet so many nice folks on the water.
How old was Dean when he died ?
From what you say about not walking well, it would be quite a sight seeing the 2 off us trying to get away from a bear!!!

Later,,, Mike
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