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I believe Dean was 68 when he died.

My back surgeries were all done in Maine; five of them... I returned to Maine to have the last two after I moved here.

My foot was done in December 2009 in Maine by a guy who is supposed to be the best in the nation.... I closed my businesses permanently then spent 5 1/2 months in traction through the winter.... as soon as I could drive in June 2010 I moved to TN. Starting my work here has been tough as I know few folks... Maine's a big place, few people but everyone knew me & the work we do. I had a construction, radon mitigation and water treatment business and also installed Dog Guard "outta sight fencing". We don't do water treatment here as nearly everyone has city water.

December 2010 my foot literally exploded; seems there was an infection inside ever since the big surgery.... nearly lost it again. It was a friday night and blood/puss was running out of it. In the middle of the night at Fort Sanders Dr. Patrick Bolt said my foot could not wait till monday so he "squeegee'd" the crap out of the open blow-out and said he would get a team put together for 7AM so he could save my foot.

HE DID.... oddly he mostly does back surgeries! I had to be connected to IV for over 3 months with strong antibiotics to kill out the infection in the bones of my foot even though he dug out most of the rotten tissue.

I still got it and still do construction work.... it doesn't look pretty and no doc can figure how I walk on it.

Funny thing is that my business partner is a crazy flyfisher too!

I like Nance's in the Spring but usually fish up river a bit; it's lumpy but I use a staff and go slow. I bet you could do it.

I highly recommend Dr. Bolt; wicked awesome man.
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