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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
Fred--I have fought against this boondoggle tooth and nail and probably have at least 200 hours time in it. I was one of four people who put together a petition of protest (we garnered over 500 signatures in a very short time--the Park only had a 30 day comment period and they changed that in mid-stream). [The Park Service], in what I consider a disgraceful approach, dismissed it and one other petition as nothing more. [They] didn't both to let the public know that the comments on the matter ran 19 to 1 against the fees. Nor [have they] been truthful with the public.
I would not, without indisputable evidence, accuse [them] of deceit. Yet that is precisely what has happened. The whole argument for fees was predicated on an "overcrowded" backcountry when in truth camping is down dramatically since peak years in the mid-1990s. Likewise, those who said there were constant complaints of abuses in the backcountry were blowing smoke. As I've said elsewhere on the forum, a FOIA request, seemingly the only way to get to the truth with Ditmanson, revealed precisely 15 complaints in three years. The majority of them dealt with issues other than camping.
Bully for you for doing this, and rest assured my efforts, and those of others, will not stop. I am deeply disappointed and disgusted with Park leadership, and I know thousands of others are as well. It is abundantly manifest that the views of those who love the Park and are some of its finest advocates mean nothing. We were ignored, but the fight is not over.
Incidentally, although I haven't personally confirmed this, several people have contacted me and indicated that my book on fishing in the Park has suddenly disappeared from the shelves of Park visitor centers. If so, I guess I'm paying the price for saying what I think. If that's the case, so be it.
Jim Casada
Keep you head up! If you are not seeing the results you desire at the moment; I can assure you that you are informing and educating others. I believe that the GSMP Officials could have addressed your response and those of others in a professionally and tactfully manner. If their idea is justified in their mind; then, they could cordially explain and illustrate it to the public. Also; they should welcome the insight of the public voice and address it respectfully. It bothers me that they would remove your book out of bureaucratic and political motives.

Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
I decided my offer announced in Post #1 to help with backcountry trips and raise awareness was not such a good idea after all. My apologies to everyone.

I so need to go fishin'
Joe, at-least you tried and put it out there...No one ever gets anywhere without giving it a good go...I respect that...!
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