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I love what you did with your canoe! The creativity is excellent. I am sure you still get snags if you are fishing from the boat.

An easy fix is to buy some vinyl or a bungee net to stretch out across the beam for your coiled line to rest on. You can make patterns with cardboard to cut the vinyl to fit around the bucket/compartments as well and then add (SS) snaps to the vinyl and side of the boat for removal. It is a cheap, classy, and a easy upgrade for canoes and small boats. Oh; you might need the help of someone who can sew some hems and backing to beef it up. You can sew in some cross-rib slots on the bottom and install flexible plastic strips to help it retain a arched shape for water runoff. I was fortunate; I had some great mentors/co-workers teach me how to design and sew boat patterns. However; sewing is a skill I still struggle to master.
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