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I am new to fishing the streams inside the park.The luftee is the only stream I`ve been on so far.Fished it three times.The reason i started there is time.usually when i`m in that area I only have four or five hours to fish and don`t want spend it driving around when I don`t really know what I`m looking for.I am now the proud owner of one of JoeFreds maps,and I see that with a little more effort I can get away from all the traffic.So I`ll be branching out a little.(pardon the pun)Great map,a real time saver for someone that not familiar with the area.(like me)As for the highway noise,Yep it`s annoying.
Funny thing is,last sunday afternoon the fishing was so good I don`t remember hearing any of it.

thank you Mr Casada for you explanation about the section of the luftee from blue ridge parkway to confluence with Raven Forkthat you gave in a previous post.
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