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On the toothpick streamers I use two different materials to coat the body; two part epoxy OR Softex.... the epoxy sinks faster but has a tendency to turn "amber" then brown over time if if left in a flybox in a dark closet. The softex won't turn color but is less heavy.

I've caught trout, landlocked salmon, SM bass and stripers on the toothpick streamers but always waited till spring to make a new batch due to discoloration of epoxy.

There are also different ways to make them with various woven tube materials.

I also make "cord body buuny flies" that are pretty cool and catch fish like mad; they too have eyes, a scally body but have the SEDUCTIVE addition of a bunny strip on the dorsal so they flutter down between strips.

If you want to go DEEP..... I have another fly that will do it and it's awesome... Maybe Danny, AKA Troutmanbrook, will report on their use/effectiveness as I just sent him a few.

Danny; mybe you read this and post a few pics of the flies I describe?

Perhaps I could try to tie a few of these flies in sequence with photo's and post them... unfortunately I seperated my shoulder last saturday and can barely use my left arm. Hard to do construction one armed; impossible to tie flies or fish... today I have to install a radon mitigation system; thank God I have a young guy (inexperienced) to operate my enormous concrete drill or I would be totally screwed.
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