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Shoulder hurts but I manged through work anyway.

If you would like to try a unique fish catching streamer I'll mail you some to try out that will get down, ride hook point UP and seemingly look like nothing but they cath everything from trout to pike.

Call me with your address. 865-255-4840 If I can find some extra stim-u-dents I will toss them in the envelope... got too much tying stuff but I'll find them. Could also make the stim-u-dents onto a shank so you see what it looks like "bare". I use hard as nails on the thread wrapped body with criss-crossed thread and it reinforces everything.

When I cover stim-u-dent streamers with MYLAR tubing I often just coat with sally hansen and let dry... perlescent (sp) tubing works good if you can find it wide enough. If you tie the rear and then pull to the front it adapsts to the shap of the body.

They are fun to make but showing folks is much easier than photos. You can also put a dark bunny strip over the top.

I tie many of them on long shank stainless hooks too.
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