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Originally Posted by Rodonthefly View Post
So what kind of anchors do you guys use? Also do you pick your spots to drop or could you care less about ledges logs etc? Seems everytime I have droped anchor I don't stop untill I catch a ledge and its to late.
I have been to dag gum tight to but a drift boat anchor, and have always used a mushroom anchor that's 25 or 30 pounds. Is that my problem?

I use a standard spiked drift boat anchor made of steel. I drop wherever I feel like it, and the easiest way to make sure an anchor catches is to back row to slow the boat when you drop. If you drop at normal current speed it makes it far more likely the anchor will skip until it is able to get a good hold, which usually means it gets hung.

One thing to keep in mind is that I would not anchor anything other than a drift boat or raft in a river. Drift boats are designed to be anchored in heavy flows and one would really have to screw up to turn one over. All the other boat types should never be anchored in heavy flows, and if it has to happen always anchor from the bow.
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