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Originally Posted by rmorring View Post
Thanks guys,
I do love the Finesse series rods. I have a Pro 8'6" 5wt. that i'm going to sell because I dont like the action, so I think another Finesse rod is going to be my choice after thinking of how and where I would actually be fishing the rod, which is on the Sipsey River in North Alabama. Now I have to decide if it will be the 7'9'" or the 8'9" .The casts are not extremely long and will mainly fish dry's with it.
Just another comment... I would make sure to try and cast both if you can to see which you prefer but for what you are considering, I would say 8'9" all the way. Also keep in mind that any wide open stream or river with potential for a decent amount of wind will not agree with the finesse as I'm sure you might already be aware of.

Before you get rid of that 5wt. give it a go with something like a SA GPX line or even dare I say... a 6wt. line to see what you think first, if you haven't done so already. That is a good stick for certain situations like where you are chasing bigger fish in smaller, more confined streams or as a tailwater rod when you have to sometimes fight a good bit of wind.

Tight Lines,
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