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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

I also make "cord body buuny flies" that are pretty cool and catch fish like mad; they too have eyes, a scally body but have the SEDUCTIVE addition of a bunny strip on the dorsal so they flutter down between strips.

If you want to go DEEP..... I have another fly that will do it and it's awesome... Maybe Danny, AKA Troutmanbrook, will report on their use/effectiveness as I just sent him a few.

Danny; mybe you read this and post a few pics of the flies I describe?
Sorry, not been active on the board in a few weeks, being the network admin for 6 major auto dealerships singlehandedly, is starting to take its toll on me. here are a few pics of the flies. I have caught a small LMbass on, i think, the green cyclops. I did get busted off with the other cord fly. I didn't want to change my leader (5x) and got a big fish on, and lost the fly and fish. hope the pics help.

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