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Originally Posted by DanielMc View Post
I've never river fished for smallies so that sounds like it could make for some really fun times.

Do smallies hang out and move like trout in the river or are they on the move like the are in lakes? I don't know anything about their river habits.
There is a lot of great resources in books and videos online for learning more about FF for smallies and how they live within the streams. I look for calmer water below riffles, boulders and rocky bottoms (crayfish), grassy banks (minnows), any streamside structure, logs and depressions to deeper water.
In very slow water, fish the bubble lines and shady banks.

I think one of the best local videos on fishing with poppers is from Ian and Charity.
One of the things I do differently, is that I like to fish downstream rather than casting upstream as you would for trout. I feel I can get a better presentation this way.
It is fun fishing. not something that you need a lot of flies and rods for. A basic box with some poppers in size 8-4, some streamers for deeper water and early spring fishing, leader and spool of tippet. Many days , I just hang a few flies on my lanyard, with a nipper and tippet and wade the stream. no flybox or net.
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