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Originally Posted by Rodonthefly View Post
Fhished this morning and man did it feel great to be back in the water, day started a little slow down on the farm. Water was green. I did catch one on a pt. I'm going to call this luck. 15 to 16 inches.
Headed down to the church around 11, water was off color a little but not as bad as the farm. I guess shallower water helped some. Anyhow, I kicked their butt down there. Until I got pissed off about a jet boat blowing by me just to run up around the bend and turn around and come blowing back down river. I called him a few names, sorry if I offended any of you that might have been fishing around me. I also slung a rock at him on his way back down. That crap was uncalled for and that's the first time it's happened to me. Ad by any chance if the jack *** reads this. I'll meet you at 61 bridge boat ramp in the morning and give you the *** whooping you deserve! I'm not hard to miss!

Anyhow for starting off slow, fishing was decent, the fish are very healthy, just hate my day ended by a jack *** being stupide!

See ya on the water!
sucks about the jet, water must have been as little high still. If he continues this stuff his time will come.
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