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Thanks for following along on the website. I hope some of the information helps as you learn all the streams in East Tennessee.
About that manicure?? You have no idea how much one of those things cost!
I spent some time on the Holston River this morning,but I have not downloaded the pics yet. I'm having a tough time keeping new reports on the website because high water in the Park has caused 4 trips to be rescheduled. The video about the fruit trees was actually meant for a Ginseng Board that I am a member of and some of us from different parts of the country were showing how Spring is progressing here. Between the ginseng on my website and the thread about Morels on the LRO board you will become a reinvented Northener,if you keep being exposed to all this mountain lore.
Keep reading the reports and I hope to have some good trips to Abrams Creek soon.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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