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I have tried to entice them with a few of my larger streamers on several occasions. The water was down and the seemed to just be holding in a small schools in the deep holes. They were very lethargic and not interested in any of my approaches. The odd thing was that several trout were holding with them and chased out of the school after my flies. I would love to catch one when I am targeting one with the right setup. I have seen some 40-50# fish-IMO on the Clinch. I usually do not start noticing them until mid-late summer.

My brother often fishes tackle and runs the lower part of the tailwater on one-generator. He had several trout get attacked on retreival after being caught. I am going to try and catch some of this footage this year.

I know a few striper guys that target them on the Clinch and it seems they hit most effectively on live bait. I would expect that you would have good chances throwing some large streamers during a flow or when they are prowling for some food.

I will keep you updated if I ever get one. I would like to add one to my fly rod-catch list.
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