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The gunpowder is a tail water, much like ours here in east tn. Just like the gunpowder our tailwaters have didymo, and somehow the mountains year after year stay clear of it. I believe the video did say that extremely high flows help to scouge the bottom clean of the didymo, so maybe our 2 or 3 mini floods a year in the mountains helps actually keep the rivers from getting it? I also wonder hour didymo affects spawning? Surely it cannot help. With that said, I will keep wearing my felt soles. I dry them completely, and do not hop from tailwaters to the mountains in one day. I also believe that it is useless to ban felt when our fly line, flies, gloves, pants, anything neoprene, birds, and who knows what else transports as much if not more micro organisms than our felts soles do.
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