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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
No worries man! Will you be hiking in a lot then?
Compared to you, probably not. Still have some issues with compressed discs in my back, but I do plan on hitting Sam's or at least the stream on the trail to it (Don't know all the streams yet, not even close). Looking at Walker Camp...WPLP across from Sugarlands...maybe even go over and hit Bradley Fork down the trail a mile or so...also thinking of the E. Prong where it leaves the road going toward Cades Cove...just wherever that is not right on the road really. I am going to be hitting a few big holes that I know of and trying to get a large trout to hand. I didn't understand why you advocated 4X tippet until last fall when I got that big one on...just wish I hadn't panicked and pulled him against current instead of with current...he would have been my largest in the park by far. Anyway, if you get bored drop by. I'll have some smores and probably something decent to eat (hotdogs, burgers etc). I'm in a red jeep cherokee laredo with dark tinted windows. That's open to everyone on the board. I'll be at Elkmont unless they are full and then I think I'll head to Cades Cove (April 21-30). Take care and thanks again.
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