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Default Welcome to the Club!!

I have a love/hate relationship with Abrams (although I have to admit its mostly hate...)

Korkers: I have two pairs of them and absolutely love them. Mine are about 4 years old and use the older interchange system (v2 OmniTrax Soles), so I'm probably not the very best person to get advice from as they seem to have changed quite dramatically. However, the concept works very well. I have easily hiked 200+ miles in mine in TN/NC/CO and have never had a problem with them. I have lost a few of the small drain port screens in both boots (from rocks) but other than that, they have been extremely durable/reliable.

Mine were a little bit loose, so I put in a foam insert into the footbed and they now fit perfectly. Like a hiking boot you want to make sure that they are not too tight or too loose. Also, I usually wear a neoprene sock when hiking and fishing. The boots aren't waterproof (obviously), so you need to plan accordingly, and the neoprene socks keep my feet dry enough during hiking that I don't get blisters.

Having to carry an extra pair of boot 10 miles r/t is no fun. If you only hike a mile or two to the stream, they probably aren't worth the money, but if you hike much longer and do it fairly regularly, you really should look into a pair of them.

The only complaint I had is that the old felt soles seemed to wear out a lot quicker than standard boots and at $30 per new set to replace, I wound up not having the traction I needed near the end of a year (before paying for new soles...).

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