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Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
I've got the Korkers "Redside" boots. The improvements they have made on the new sole design have been good.
Just throwing this out there... I bought the Redsides as well wanting a cheap pair of felt boots for the park and so far so good. While not as durable as some other boots, I have been trying to fish them pretty hard in the mountains and have been pleased. I bought them back in May or June I believe and they are just now starting to show some wear. One of the things I like about them is they are really light weight even when wet. For only $100 I will probably get another pair when the time comes based on how they have performed so far. I only use mine for the park btw...

As Grannyknot mentioned, Korkers has it down with this latest improvement to their interchangeable sole system. Previous generation boots did not work as well and received a bad reputation with soles coming off and such. With the latest crop of boots, this is no longer a problem and now currently some of the best boots out there IMHO.

I hope to finally get a chance to fish Abram's this season and would certainly like to keep it a dry experience if at all possible.

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