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Originally Posted by GrouseMan77 View Post
Very nice Travis. I can't hardly bring myself to carry a p&s on a day trip. The DSLR is 10x the picture. I'm not as brave as you when it comes to the Clinch. Lets try to go sometime.
Sure thing! I was hoping to go this Friday afternoon, but got roped into a meeting that killed those plans. Oh well, probably would have had difficulty finding an open seam with it being a holiday weekend. I will just wait a week for the crowds to maybe slow down.

BTW, I carry my D90 with 18-50mm f/2.8 lens in a roll-top pack by SealLine. When I had my D40 and 18-55 it would actually all fit inside my Fishpond Dragonfly. Now I just sling it over my shoulder. Here is a link to the pack I use:

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

Are those "trillium"? Up in Maine they call them "Stinking Bengamins" cuase they stink when you pick em.... and what kid don't wanna pick one for his mommy? Stinky fingers.

Beautiful pictures.... we've all seen enough fish and they all look the same.
I believe they are, however they are a little different from the one's I usually see in the park. They are usually smaller, and the petals overlap each other. On these the petals do not overlap and it has a little black center. Maybe just a different species of trillium. Below is a pic of what I am more familiar with:


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