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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Don't get me wrong; I check the TVA website for "! or 2" etc; but this only reflects generators, not actual flow if they are spilling water over the dam.

It's a long ride home for me to go somewhere and find unfavorable wading conditions when I figured everything was going to be wadable.
Corbo, I suggest you become familiar with the tailwater elevations & you can determine the flows from that. You may have to spend some time looking at historical data ......rarely do they "spill" water in the tailwaters you probably fish & most people know when they do.
I think the corps does a good job giving the five day discharge forcast.....TVA only gives three.
I find it odd that some people don't even know the number of generators at each of the area dams they fish below.......some think SH has two , Norris more than two ,etc.
I guess they need someone to tell 'em when it's raining too ?
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