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Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
Awesome live shots. Glad to see that you love what you do.

Not bad for a 21 year old

Originally Posted by silvercreek View Post
Neat. Stay safe.
Thanks, will do.

Originally Posted by yonder View Post
wow!!! what a job!!! stay safe and thanks for your service to our country.
Appreciate that last statement. Californians really don't care about servicemen.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Hey Trey;

My Nephew, Hugh "Tim" Corbett Jr. is an airforce pilot about your age... he was supposed to be flying a re-fueler but recently took some sorta "top secret" duty flying in aphganistan. He is home-based in Florida, but went to CA and is likely now deployed.

Perhaps you know him?

Tell him Uncle Richard says hello!
I don't know him, but there's all sorts of planes in FL. Sounds like he's flying a C-130 variant if it's TS out of FL.
Trey Nichols-
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